How to get started with Setellite 2.0
You need to create an account. Please find all the details concerning pricing models and subscription options under the 'Pricing' tab on this site. After filling out your user name, password and account details, you will see the Project dashboard. This is where your project starts.
Hit the ‘Project details’ button on the dashboard to fill out any specific project data such as type (Feature Film, TV-series, etc.), technical specifications and invite other users to collaborate on your project.
Go to Gear (from the dashboard again) and preselect all the gear the film crew will use during the shoot. This selection is made for the particular project you're working on and is drawn from the Library. So, if the production uses multiple cameras, lenses and filters, you select the appropriate items by clicking (and holding) the respective buttons to add the desired model or type. This selection will be making up your shortlist throughout the project. NOTE: If you need to, you can add a new camera, lens or filter to the Library. This camera, lens or filter is then available in the Gear section. It will also be available for future projects.
Create your first slate by pressing the big yellow Slate button from the Project dashboard and hit the ‘plus’ symbol at the top menu of the Slate side pane. This will create a default slate 1 for your project. You can of course change the slate number and start collecting all necessary data!
Add new Cameras, Takes and References by pressing and holding the sidebar buttons. This will expand a row of options for your new item to choose from.

You’re now all set to start collecting vfx data on your shoot!

For questions, bug-reports or feature requests, please send us an email
or join Setellite on Slack. Your input is highly appreciated!

Setellite is developed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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