Changelog & Currently in development
Many thanks to all our (beta) testers for their support, feedback and suggestions. Please submit any feature requests or bugs to
Setellite 2.3.4 'Spacelab' | Released: 17 October 2018
- Fixed an issue that may cause the app to crash in certain situations when creating a reference, corrupting the file upload queue and causing the app to crash upon launch when a data connection is enabled.
- Fixed an issue that may cause the template slate not to appear on a device when the project was created on the Web Readout.
- Several small bug fixes and improvements.
Setellite 2.3.3 'Spacelab' | Released: 25 September 2018
- Reference export: create an archive containing your references and their data.
- Several improvements to the CSV export module.
- Fixed an issue that may cause the app to crash while editing the Shutter Angle field.
- Fixed an issue that may cause a weird layout or crash when opening the Slateboard while using the iPad's camera to create a new reference.
- Fixed an issue that may cause certain gear items to not show up properly when collaborating on a project and using custom library objects.
- Several small bug fixes and improvements.
Setellite 2.3.2 'Spacelab' | Released: 20 July 2018
- Creating/importing references is a lot faster.
- Markup/edited photos can now be imported with their modifications from the iPad's camera roll.
- The state of the sections of the slates list is remembered when closing the app or switching projects.
- A bug was fixed causing Episodes to not be properly linked to their slates when downloading a shared project.
- A bug was fixed causing the 'password reset' not to work properly in some occastions.
- A bug was fixed causing a project download to fail when the project is very large.
- Some small improvements
Setellite 2.3.1 'Spacelab' | Released: 3 May 2018
- Several small bug fixes and improvements.
Setellite 2.3 'Spacelab' | Released: 20 March 2018
iPad app:
- NEW: Setellite Standalone. All offline features (no synchronisation, backup and project collaboration) for a one-time fee.
- You can now pay for your subscription using Apple's in-app purchases.
- You can now create your account in the app.
- Created Slate Filters can now be saved as presets and loaded at a later time.
- Fixed an issue that caused some still images on the PDF Full Page Reference export to be stretched.
- Fixed an issue that could cause the app to crash when exporting references that were not completely synchronised.
- Fixed an issue that could cause the current input to be overwritten when an other user was editing the same field at the same time.
- Several small bug fixes and improvements.
Setellite 2.2.11 'Apollo' | Released: 15 February 2018
iPad app:
- New PDF Export: Contact sheets.
- The created Slate Filter rules can now be inverted (e.g. show all slates that are not starred).
- The Slate and Take lists of the Record Destination page can now be sorted ascending or descending.
- Fixed a sorting issue of the Slate list.
- Fixed a possible crash when trying to add resolutions/format/iso items to a custom Library Camera.
- Fixed a possible crash on logging out.
- Fixed an issue that could make it impossible to switch between from/to values of a field using the calculator.
- Fixed an issue that caused user details of a previously logged-on user to be retained.
- Fixed an issue that made it hard to select a field in the Take Camera ticket.
- Several small bug fixes and improvements.
Setellite 2.2.10 'Apollo' | Released: 11 November 2017
iPad app:
- Introducing the PDF Full Report export type.
- Introducing the PDF References Sheet export type.
- Introducing the Project Cover Page option to both new export types.
- Introducing the Project Details Pages option to both new export types.
- Video or Audio Reference thumbnails now display their duration.
- Buttons to enter '-' or '.' were added to the numeric calculator when editing the 'Scene Number', 'Storyboard Number' or 'VFX Shot' fields.
- A bug was fixed that could cause the Slates Filter to return no Slates when filtering on specific Episodes.
Setellite 2.2.9 'Apollo' | Released: 25 October 2017
iPad app:
- Introducing the Form View: Rotate to Portrait and see an overview and edit all data of the selected slate.
- App Settings: Select the default measurement unit and the date/time formatting across the application.
- An issue was fixed that could cause the wrong Lens Focus and Subject Distance unit to be printed on the PDF Data Sheet.
- Some small bug fixes and improvements.
Setellite 2.2.8 'Apollo' | Released: 16 September 2017
iPad app:
- Fixed a bug that caused pending changes to keep retrying when the server had already received a newer change from another user or device, resulting in lots of overhead and unresolved pending changes on the device.
Setellite 2.2.7 'Apollo' | Released: 6 July 2017
iPad app:
- The Filter option now also supports rules based on camera and take attributes.
- The slates can now be filtered/searched using the search bar at the top of the slates list.
- Selecting or deselecting all references is a lot faster.
- Duplicating slates, cameras or takes is a lot faster.
- Synchronising data is now faster and more reliable.
- When there are a lot of presets available, the calculator will now switch from a grid to a list to better present the available presets.
- Dedicated preset buttons (A/B/C) were added to the Roll/Media field to faster input a clipname.
- Several new options were added to the CSV Export module.
- Setellite is now available again for devices running iOS 8.0 and up.
- Several issues were fixed when exporting slates to CSV files.
- An issue was fixed that could pause the file download queue when the internet connection was briefly lost.
- An issue was fixed that could cause the synchronisation status to show several pending changes even though all changes had been synchronised with the server.
- An issue was fixed that could cause the synchronisation status to show several pending files even though all files had been synchronised with the server.
- An issue was fixed that could cause the app to crash when importing a video from an iCloud shared album.
- An issue was fixed that could cause the wrong camera to be selected when switching between the Cameras and Takes pages.
- An issue was fixed that in specific cases made it impossible to change Take Camera data when multiple cameras were available for the selected slate.
- An issue was fixed that could cause the 'export to photoroll' to fail when one or more references were corrupted.
- An issue was fixed that could cause the 'Wrangler' value to be written to the 'HDRi Filename' field when duplicating or carbon copying a slate.
- Several small bug fixes and improvements.
Setellite 2.2.6 'Apollo' | Released: 5 April 2017
iPad app:
- Non filled-out notes on the project notes page can now be hidden/shown to keep the notes list clear.
- Slates can now be sorted based on their slate number, timestamp, shoot day, scene number, episode/block or unit.
- Slate groups can be expanded or collapsed to keep the slate list clear.
- Library objects (cameras, lenses and filters) can now be duplicated.
- Fixed an issue that caused the enabled/disable slates filter feature to not work properly when long-pressing the filter button.
- Fixed an issue that caused the slate thumbnail to not update immediately in the slates list when changed.
- Fixed an issue that made it impossible to enter a custom lens model name for a slate camera.
- Several small bug fixes and improvements.
Setellite 2.2.5 'Apollo' | Released: 11 March 2017
iPad app:
- Slates Filter.
- Export the filtered list of slates.
- Export your references to a PDF file.
- Search in notes in the Project Notes page.
- Completely overhaul of the file upload mechanisms.
- Set and edit a User avatar for your account.
- Set and edit a Company logo for your account.
- Change your user details from the Account page.
- Get realtime feedback of the synchronisation status.
- Sync the slateboard's timecode with the iPad's clock.
- Updated the UI of the Project Gear Page to fix a layout issue causing the various gear items to overlap.
- Several small fixes and improvements.
Setellite 2.2.4 'Apollo' | Released: 10 October 2016
iPad app:
- An issue was fixed that caused the app to crash when importing assets from the photo roll or camera.
- An issue was fixed that caused a strange layout of the calculator when editing takes.
Setellite 2.2.3 'Apollo' | Released: 6 October 2016
iPad app:
- Slates can now be filtered using the quick filters 'starred' and 'dailies' (more filter options coming soon).
- You can now undo/redo an action in the drawing tool.
- When choosing an image as background in the drawing tool, you can now resize and crop the image as needed.
- The selected slate now stays selected when returning to the Project Dashboard and going back to the Slates screen again.
- The Slate Selection of the export tool will update correctly when leaving the export tool and adding/removing slates.
- The File Preview screen of an exported document now displays the file size.
- The reference download and synchronisation processes are greatly improved.
- A bug was fixed that caused the quality of a drawing to degrade rapidly when using the eraser.
- A bug was fixed that may cause the Take Camera Ticket to show incorrect information when switching slates.
- A bug was fixed that caused the camera preview to be upside down when creating references from the camera and rotating the iPad.
- A bug was fixed that caused the app to crash when sending an exported PDF using mail.
- A bug was fixed that caused the app to crash when going to the Project Notes screen.
- Small bug fixes and UI improvements.

- Episodes are now visible and can be edited.
- Several issues were fixed concerning dropdown-menu's in other browsers than Chrome.
- A bug was fixed that could cause a project invite message to appear multiple times.
- A bug was fixed that caused order of the Project notes to be incorrect and not display some notes.
- A bug was fixed that caused takes with the same number to be hidden.
- Small bug fixes and UI improvements.
Setellite 2.2.2 'Apollo' | Released: 9 September 2016
iPad app:
- New crop tool: when setting an image as thumb for a slate or project cover, you can now crop the image
- You can now see which objects already have a note on the project notes screen (ghosted/not-ghosted).
- You can now unlink a reference (or multiple) from a slate by tapping on the Unlink button.
- When you select a lens from your project gear in the slate camera tab, the focal length and lens type are automatically filled out.
- You can now select multiple items on the filter field of the take camera.
- Recent entries are now rememberd for the fields: take name, filter and shutter angle.
- Several small bug fixes and (UI) improvements.
Setellite 2.2.1 'Apollo' | Released: 19 August 2016
iPad app:
- Fixed an issue that caused a activity bar to show up repeatedly when network connection was lost or retrieved.
- Fixed several issues that caused the Library screen to not update appropriately when editing items.
- Improved the time it takes to duplicate a slate or take.
- When creating a new slate the name of the user is automatically filled out as the wrangler.
- Small bug fixes and (UI) improvements.
Setellite 2.2 'Apollo' | Released: 14 August 2016
iPad app:
- You can now accept or decline Project Invitations from other users from within the app.
- You now get notified in the app when another user accepted or declined your invitation to one of your projects.
- More account information is displayed on the User Account page.
- Better payment and login handling.
- Fixed several issues that might cause the app to crash when exporting to CSV or PDF.
- Fixed a sorting issue when exporting a project to a single file CSV.
- Several small bug fixes and (UI) improvements.
Setellite 1.5 | Released: 10 August 2016
New Export Format: Export your data to your new Setellite 2 account. Using this migration tool you can upload your project (or a part of you project using a selection of slates and references) to your Setellite 2 account and continue working on your project in the new app or on the web. You will need to have a valid Setellite 2 account to use this feature.
Setellite 2.1.8 'Gemini' | Released: 13 July 2016
iPad app:
- Fixed an issue that caused photos and videos captured with the iPad camera not to be added as references.
- Fixed an issue that caused the 'Create Contact' menu to be accessible from every button on the Credits & Details Page.
- The 'VFX Work' field of a Slate can now have multiple values. Instead of changing the value by tapping on a preset, the preset is now added to the values of the field, just like the 'Element Type' and 'Set Media' fields.
- Disabled spell correction and auto capitalisation on the 'Invite Project Member' field on the Credits & Details page.
- Several small tweaks and improvements.
Setellite 2.1.7 'Gemini' | Released: 5 July 2016
iPad app:
- The Project Cover Image can now be set from the Project Credits & Details page.
- The 'Lens Height', 'Subject Distance', 'Camera Tilt' and 'Camera Dutch' field can now have negative values.
- Updated and improved the Library page.
- Creating a new account can no longer be done from within the app due to restrictions with Apple's In-App Purchases.
- Updated the account page.
- When creating a new project a dialog box is now presented where the title of the project can be entered.
- Fixed an issue that might cause the app to crash when switching categories on the Project Gear page.
- Fixed an issue that might cause the value of timestamp fields to be displayed without timezone correction.
- Fixed an issue that might cause the app to crash when exporting multiple items to the iPad Photo roll.
- Several UI tweaks.
- Several small bug fixes.
Setellite 2.1.6 'Gemini' | Released: 6 June 2016
iPad app:
- Fixed a bug that might cause the app to crash when changing the project begin/end date.
- Fixed a bug that might cause the app to crash when switching categories on the Project Gear page.
- Fixed the layout issues on the iPad Pro.
- When tapping on a pin on the Project Map page you now go directly to that slate.
- A brand new signup view.
- Several UI Design tweaks for a better experience.
- Several small bug fixes.
Setellite 2.1.5 'Gemini' | Released: 27 May 2016
iPad app:
- TV Episodes and Blocks are now supported.
- References can now be added to the project on the Project References Page.
- When creating a new take its cameras are now automatically activated.
- When no stereo camera model is selected, the stereo specific fields are now hidden for a clearer interface.
- Downloading projects when logging in on a new device is now much faster.
- A bug was fixed that may cause the app to crash when exporting a project to CSV files.

Updates to the web-readout:
- Implemented a live update (meaning without the need for a page refresh) for the following objects: project contacts, gear, camera, lens, filters, slate, slate camera, references, take and take camera.
- Edit, add and delete has now also been turned on for contacts, gear camera, lens and filters, slate, slate camera, take, take camera and references.
- Presets have been turned on.
- 'Synopsis' has been added.
- Create duplicate slate has been turned on (also copies cameras and references.)
- Date picker has been implemented (also supports live update).
- Many small bug fixes and tweaks.
Setellite 2.1.4 'Gemini' | Released: 20 April 2016
iPad app:
- Added default values to the Camera category of Project Gear Items.
- Added the Project Gear Cameras to the new Slate Camera menu.
- Fixed a bug that caused the list of values to choose from for Interior/Exterior and Unit to be empty.
- Fixed a bug that caused a edited value to not be saved when the yellow next button was tapped with the keyboard still visible.
- Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when editing the begin/end dates of a Project.
- Several other small bug fixes.
Setellite 2.1.3 'Gemini' | Released: 7 April 2016
iPad app:
- Updated the PDF Export.
- Several field in the takes category are merged together. From/to/unit are now presented on a single line.
- A button was added to the calculator that allows the 'from' value to be copied 'to' the to field and vice-versa.
- When no camera's, takes, references, contacts or gear items are available an information balloon is presented to guide you to the process of creating this kind of object.
- The 'note' button will display what kind of note can be added/edited and wether or not there is already a note added to the current object.
- When duplicating a slate, all camera's and references are copied to the new slate.
- When duplicating a take, all camera's and data is copied to the new slate.
- A bug was fixed that caused the app to crash when uploading a lot of data (photo's/videos) at once to the server.
- A bug was fixed that caused the app to crash when exporting to PDF under certain circumstances.
- Several bug fixes.
- Several UI/UX Tweaks.

Updates to the web-readout:
- Big UI update for more consistancy with the iOS app
- Many small tweaks and bug fixes
Setellite 2.1.2 'Gemini' | Released: 18 March 2016
iPad app:
- PDF export
- A bug was fixed that caused the app to load indefinitely when trying to retrieve the list of project members while the iPad is not connected to the internet
Setellite 2.1.1 'Gemini' | Released: 25 February 2016
iPad app:
- Several bugs are fixed
- Improvements to the UI
Setellite 2.1 'Gemini' | Released: 15 February 2016
This release marks the end of the open beta period. We've decided however, to extend the free trial period for the remainder of February and the whole of March. Please check your Account details for additional information.

- Project sharing now enabled
- Completely new Reference design
- Extended Library
- Overall UI improvements
- Several bug fixes

Updates to the web-readout:

-Project sharing enabled
-Interface loading improved
-Library enabled (read only)
-Reference detail view and Reference Link Manager (read only) enabled
-Reference video player integrated
-Edit mode enabled for most single fields*
-Many small bug fixes

*Please note: the web-readout is under construction. To ensure speed and quality, some instable functions are currently disabled.
Setellite 2.0.4 'Mercury' (Open Beta) | Released: 5 February 2016
iPad app:
- Overall UI improvements
- 'Press and hold to add' buttons have more clear 'plus' symbols
- Tap to open keyboard shortcut
- Ghosted idle buttons in calculator
- 'What's New' popover screen
- Several bug fixes
Setellite 2.0.3 'Mercury' (Open Beta) | Released: 20 January 2016
iPad app:
- Several bugs are fixed.
- The app is a lot faster, especially when switching between fields or when inputting data.
- Synchronisation with the sever is more reliable.
- The app will let the user know when its loading content or waiting on the server to respond by presenting a popup.

Updates and improvements to the web-readout:
- Improved the update speed
- Enabled more fields
- Fixed an important bug with references
- Added password reset
Setellite 2.0.2 'Mercury' (Open Beta) | Released: 14 January 2016
- Considerable improvements on speed, flow and performance
- A brand new Account Details Page.
- You can now change your password on the Account Details Page.
- You can now reset your password on the login screen when you've lost your password.
- Several bug fixes
Setellite 2.0.1 'Mercury' (Open Beta) | Released: 5 January 2016
- A brand new Audio Note recorder and player.
- A template slate can now be filled out and used as a basis for new slates.
- A take recording can now have a new slate and/or new take as its destination.
- Before deleting an object (e.g. project, slate) a confirmation prompt is presented to prevent accidental deletions.
- Notification and activity popups are now using the same design as the web readout.
- Multiple references of a project can now be linked to a slate using the ‘existing references’ function.
- Adding objects and changing values is a lot faster.
- Background syncing is now a lot faster and more efficient.

- Several fixes and improvements.
- The user interface is even more beautiful and consistent throughout the app.
Setellite 2.0 'Mercury' (Open Beta) | Released: 18 December 2015
- Synchronized project sharing with other Setellite users over multiple devices
- Backup your data over WiFi or 3G/4G
- Web-readout: login to your account online to review and edit your saved data
- Redesigned UI, featuring calculator like operation with adaptable presets
- Search function with advanced options
- Export 'dailies' or a selection of slates based on specific search queries
- Additional export and output options
New features Setellite 1.4 | Released: January 4, 2015
- Export data to Shotgun.
- Export references.
- Easily rotate and mirror your references.
- Add mutliple gear items to your project at once.
- Easily clear the template by right-swiping over it in the slate pane.
- Fixed an erroneous shutter angle notation.
- Duplicating a take now immediately opens and shows the new take.
- Duplicating a take copies more values that are unlikely to change.
- Cancel the creation of a PDF file while it's being generated.
- Several bugfixes.
New features Setellite 1.3 | Released: June 2, 2014
- Project Notes.
- New export and import menus.
- Various improved and new fields based on the VES Camera Report Interchange Format (CRIF).
- Support for Stereoscopic Camera Setups.
- CSV Export Option for the VES CRIF.
- Audio and Video references show their duration in the References Tab.
- Location controls(GPS/Address selection) to the Drawing Map Selection.
New features Setellite 1.2 | Released: August 13, 2013
- Multiple camera support
Tap the bullet at the bottom of the Camera page to add or remove additional camera’s and change their order. Swipe to switch between your camera’s.

- New takes interface
Add and ‘record’ what each camera does during a take. Press the ‘plus’ button to select which camera’s or rigs are involved in the take. Put a timestamp on the exact moment a take is being recorded. We’ve removed the ‘Plates’ addendum from the Takes & Plates section and added categories. Create your own custom groups to arrange your takes the way you see fit.
- Template
We’ve revised the way templates work. Just fill out the template the way you would with any other slate to create a ‘master record’ and start working from there.

- Carbon copy slate
We’ve added a Carbon Copy option under the New Slate button. Choosing this option will take literally anything of the selected slate with it in the duplicate.

- Audio notes
A new reference option is added: Audio notes. You can also loop the recorded audio notes, play them back faster or slower and add a note.

- Several smaller fixers and additions:
* Swipe to copy value from the from to the to field and vice versa in the takes tab.
* Switch slate or camera information in the slateboard.
* See slate-associated references in the summary tab
* CSV export now creates multiple files with better formatted data.
New features Setellite 1.1 | Released: November 15, 2012
- Customize presets:
New library category let's you edit the default Setellite presetlists. You can add your own presets to the existing lists App-wide, edit them or rearrange them. If you need a specific plate description currently not listed under, for instance, the slate board or any camera item, you can add your own.

- Divided 'Gear' section:
Under 'Gear', the list to choose from is currently one, long, undivided list of camera's, lenses and filters. We're implementing a segment bar at the top of the list to divide it into different categories.

- Additional location features (map):
Your location on the map can be customized. A larger map will come up, allowing you to move the pin around, type in an exact address and see the GPS coordinates. The coordinates will also be exported as visible values in both PDF and CSV (request).

- New import options:
A simple, but customizable import module let's you import CSV's back in. You can assign data to specific tabs and fields, ensuring the data is read back in the right way. You can assign the data to be imported to a new or already existing project.

- Several smaller fixes and additions:
* Automatic numbering of slates has improved: after 8C comes 8D, after 8Z comes 8AA, etc.
* New value 'undefined' can be chosen, fixing a problem with wrong values if nothing is entered
* Better presetlists for shutter angle, focal length and lenstype (request)
* Option to sync the slate board's time code to iPads clock (request)

For questions, bug-reports or feature requests, please send us an email
or write on our Facebook wall. Your input is highly appreciated!

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